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  1. Where is my George order?

    How do I track my George order?
  2. Change or cancel a George order

    Can I change or cancel my George order?
  3. George orders from outside the UK

    Where can I find information?
  4. Missing or damaged item

    What do I do if an item is missing or damaged?
  5. Cancelled order

    Why has my order been cancelled?
  6. Returning a George order

    How do I request a return for my George order?
  7. Spare parts needed

    How do I order spare parts?
  8. Asda credit card cashback vouchers

    How do I use cashback vouchers?
  9. Ways to pay on George.com

    What can I use to pay for goods on George.com?
  10. George Refunds

    When and how will I get my refund?