Website, checkout, and access problems

Having issues using our website? If you're unable to checkout, add an item to your basket or, a page isn’t loading correctly, here are some troubleshooting suggestions to get things moving again. No need to worry about your order - it will be saved in your online account while you're sorting things out.

Switch off private browsing

If you use private browsing, when you close a website it doesn’t store data on page visits, cookies, user names, passwords, and information from forms. This can cause problems the next time you visit the site. To avoid this, switch off private browsing.

Clear your cache and cookies

Clearing your cache and cookies can often help when there are issues accessing websites and trying to checkout.

Laptops and desktops: Hold Ctrl - Shift – Delete keys at the same time, and you'll see an option to clear your browser history. Or it may help to use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome.

iPad or iPhone: Open Safari, then select the bookmark tab, and you'll see an option to clear your browser history. Or you could try downloading the Asda Groceries app.

Android devices: Select bookmarks, history, and the 3 dots in the top corner, and you'll see an option to clear your browser history.

Browser password warning

When visiting Asda or George, your browser might warn you that your account/password is at risk. This likely means one of the following things has happened:

  • You are using the same password on our website that you use on another site that’s had a data breach
  • Your password is too weak, or you are re-using the same password across multiple websites.

This won’t affect you using our site. But if you’re concerned, consider resetting your password.

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