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When and how will I get my refund?



How will I know when my refund is processed?

Once received and processed, we'll send you an email detailing the items you have returned along with the refund amount. If you are a registered customer, you can also view any refunds under your account > refund details.

How long does it take the refund to reach my bank account?

Refund payments usually take around 3 to 5 days to reach your account. This can vary depending on how long your bank/card issuer take to clear the funds.

Did you pay using a debit or credit card?

We process refunds back to the payment card you used to place your order.

Did you pay using an Asda Gift Card?

If you paid for all your order using an Asda Gift Card, a full refund will go back on to the same gift card. If you used a gift card and a different payment method like a debit/credit card, your refund will be given by gift card first and then your other payment method.

If you have a George account, your gift card balance will also be available to spend from your George account. You'll see this under the voucher section of 'My Account'. If you placed your order as a guest checkout, the refund will only be available on the original gift card.

Payment using an Asda Credit Card cashback voucher

We issue refunds for orders paid for using cashback vouchers in the form of a goodwill voucher. You can only spend these on the website. You can add this voucher to the payment page in the same way you used your credit card cashback voucher.

Payment by PayPal

If you've had an email from George to confirm a refund payment has been made but you haven't received it, please contact PayPal directly.

I haven't received a refund for goods I've returned?

If you haven't received your refund, please use the options below to get in touch.


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