On my “Ready to Collect” email there is a link to download a pass into Apple Wallet. How does this work?

Apple Wallet

iPhone users can use Apple Wallet to quickly and easily collect parcels in store.

To add the pass to your wallet simply click on the "Add to Apple Wallet" logo, which is located near the bottom of your "Your Parcel is Ready To Collect" email and click “Add” when the pass appears. 

Once the pass is in your wallet, the next time you visit our store it will automatically notify you on your lock screen and you can swipe to access the QR code. 

To enable automatic notifications simply follow the below steps:

1. Tap Settings > Notifications> Wallet and turn on Alerts or Banner notifications. 

2. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and ensure these are turned on. 

Once you have collected your parcel(s) you can delete your pass by selecting the "i" logo on the bottom right and selecting "Delete" from the top left hand corner of the information page.

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