How do Asda colleagues spend their points on

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Asda stars points are rewarded to colleagues in recognition for an exceptional piece of work. 1 Star Point equates to £1 in value, which can be used to purchase products listed on the website.


How do colleagues spend their points on
Before colleagues can spend on George they are required to convert their star points to evouchers, (these will have no expiry date on the account) once converted they can:

• Log in to and add items to the basket as usual
• On the payment page, select Apply an eVoucher. Type ASDA and click Validate
• Enter their Walmart Number and Colleague Discount Card Number
• Enter the eVoucher Code in the Add eVoucher section and press Validate
• Choose how much of the evoucher they wish to use, then continue to checkout.


Please note, the email address registered for star points must be the same as the registered email address George account. If not they will not see the points in their account.


What happens to star points/evoucher if a colleague returns or cancels their order?
When a return or cancellation is processed, the Star Points will automatically be refunded as an eVoucher. This will be shown in the checkout when colleagues are ready to place their next order.

A refund email is sent from and will show the value of the refund via an eVoucher.

Please note, eVouchers for refunded items/orders will expire after 90 days. Colleagues are aware of this and it is their responsibility to spend before they expire. Asda Stars Helpline aren't able to provide a refund for expired eVouchers.


What happens if a colleague no longer wishes to spend their eVoucher on or wants to cancel an outstanding eVoucher?
Colleagues would need to contact Asda Stars Helpline. Helpline advisors will be able to cancel the eVoucher unless this has already been used (partial refunds are not available). Call 01865 893370 or email


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