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Stock availability in our stores and online


All the products we sell are subject to availability, which is why you may find an item out of stock. It's worth noting that our ranges in each store vary depending on store size and location so we don't always offer the same products in all of our stores. Also please bear in mind that some of the products and prices you see on our website are only available online.

Promotions - we'll always try to make promotions available both online and in store. However, some promotions are offered exclusively online or in store only. When shopping online, if there is a multi-save or promotional price on a product it will be shown when you place an order.

Asda stores

It's always best to visit a store and speak to our colleagues to find out if a product you're looking for is available. Alternatively, you can use our store locator to find a store's details and contact them direct.

Asda grocery online shopping

Our grocery website is updated daily and will show the most up to date stock availability we have, so please check our website. Depending on your location, some of our orders are picked in your local store while others will come from one of our specialist home shopping centres. We aim to deliver everything you need but product availability may differ between locations so we try to offer suitable alternatives.


Our website is updated daily and will show the most up to date stock available. We're not able to tell you exactly when we're getting more stock online, however on general merchandise items you can check if a product is available to purchase in a local store by using the store stock checker.

It's simple, on the product page:
1. Click on the CHECK LOCAL STORES button under the description/price
2. Enter your postcode or search using your location
3. Click Find.

Important information

  • This function is only available on selected general merhandise items - it is not available on clothing, website exclusives or products where our supplier will deliver directly to you
  • In-store colleagues are unable to reserve any items for you
  • If a product is in high demand, we can't guarantee that it will still be available when you go in to store
  • Not all Asda stores are displayed - only stores which hold our products will be displayed in the results
  • If you are trying to check stock in store on a product that is in stock on, the button will be located at the bottom of the page.

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