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If you have a complaint about a product you've bought from us or service you've received, here's a guide to what to do:

Product complaints

If there's something wrong with a product we've sold you, we want to know. Service colleagues in our stores can log the details you provide and arrange a refund or replacement. The store telephone number is on the top of your receipt or use our Store Locator to find store contact details.

What we'll need

It's really helpful if you bring back the product packaging. This allows us to make a note of date and production codes along with other information we use to pass on to our suppliers.

Serious product complaints

If you have a complaint about a product which you believe has caused injury or illness please let us know as soon as possible. You can bring it to the attention of a colleague in store or by calling our service team. See the links below in order to contact us.

Service complaints

We're proud of our colleagues and the service they deliver to you. We know what a difference it makes when we serve you in a warm and friendly way.

If something goes wrong, you have a complaint or you're unhappy about the way we've served you please let us know. We'll do our best to act on it.

If it happened in one of our stores it's best to speak to a colleague in that store, as they're in the best place to act on what you tell us. A colleague in the store management team will listen to the complaint you want to make and do what they can to resolve it.

If your complaint is about the service you received when we delivered something to you or about a colleague in our service team, you can bring it to our attention using the links shown below.

Other ways to have your say...

Complete our survey and tell us about your experience in our store at tellasda.


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