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What information do I need to be able to collect my order?


Click & Collect from our stores

Please bring your order number and the payment card you used. If you paid using PayPal we'll need alternative ID as proof of purchase. Email or text confirmation and photo ID are perfect.

3 things to remember

1.     Because we follow the Challenge 25 initiative we may need to check your date of birth if you've ordered age restricted products. We'll ask for this when you collect your order, just like we would at our checkouts.

2.     We'll only give the order to the person who placed it, wherever you collect it from.  

3.     We'll send you a reminder if you don't collect your parcel.  If collection is still not made we will return the goods to our warehouse for a full refund.  Confirmation of your refund will be sent to the email address registered against your account.

Changes for Collect+ from Asda locations

We've made some changes and Asda locations are no longer Collect+ points.  You won't be able to return items via Collect+ from Asda locations.  

It's worth noting

• customers can still receive deliveries via Collect+, but to non-Asda locations
• customers will be able to return items via Collect+, but from non-Asda locations
•  3rd party customers will not be able to return parcels via Collect+ at an Asda store

Using other Collect+ locations

You'll need to take the 'ready to collect' email or text containing the unique code / barcode, along with proof of ID when you pick up your order.  All of these are accepted:

Driving licence, wage slip, mobile phone bill, passport, cheque guarantee / credit / debit card, utility bill, cheque book, bank / building society book, bank statement

More contact us options are included in the link below.


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